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MINICAMP Extra Large Indoor Teepee Tent with Tassels Decor in Boho Style

MINICAMP Extra Large Indoor Teepee Tent with Tassels Decor in Boho Style

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This is the extra-large version of the kids' teepee made by Minicamp. This natural canvas kids' teepee is adorned with beautiful tassels which give it a gorgeous boho look! The XL Teepee is a classic must-have. It can be used for your kid's sleep and play. It makes an ideal photo prop for your family pictures, birthday parties, hen parties, christenings, and weddings.

Every piece of our Extra Large Kid Teepee is skillfully handcrafted to perfection. The quality materials we use in our products will last for years to come. The XL Minicamp Kids Teepee is one of the largest indoor tents available.

MORE SPACIOUS. Our XL Minicamp Teepee is spacious. The Teepee is 5 feet 6 inches wide, which is enough for 3-years-old kids to sleep full length in it. The Teepee stands at a staggering 79 inches and the entrance is 45 inches wide and 40 inches in height. You can even join your little ones in their adventure as an adult can easily fit in our XL Teepee.

The XL Minicamp Teepee features our patent anti-collapse system. If a teepee lacks a rigid support structure, it cannot last long-standing while children are entering the teepee and playing around. This drawback is addressed to our kid's play tent which comes with a strong support framework to ensure that it always stands still!

- Teepee height 79 in | 200 cm
- Entrance height 40 in | 103 cm
- Entrance width 45 in | 115 cm
- Inside diameter 67 in | 170 cm
- Playmat diameter 58 in | 150 cm

Package includes:
- Unbleached teepee tent canvas (colour beige, natural canvas colour)
- Smooth round wooden vertical and horizontal supporting poles
- Matching rope with a big pompom at each end
- Print and video assembly instructions

TEEPEE MAT is included only if you select one of the options listed!
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